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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Webkinz A Ganz Website

* Take a quick site tour of Webkinz World with Ms. Birdy
* See how pets are adopted and what happens when members join for the first time

Webkinz Pets Adoption Center Adoption Center

* The Adoption Center helps new members register their pets
* Ms. Birdy helps kids register, choose a name and then sends their pets to be checked out by Dr. Quack before they start to play!

Lil'Kinz and Webkinz News Webkinz & Lil'Kinz Newz

* The Webkinz Newz is our site's daily newspaper.
* It's the first thing kids see every time they log onto the site.
* It's definitely the place to get announcements of anything and everything that's new, including results of contests and high scores too!

Webkinz World Activities Today's Activities

* The place to find fun daily and hourly activities.
* It changes every day, so kids learn to keep a sharp eye on it!
* Giveaways, Zingo Bingo and other once-a-day events let kids earn more treats and KinzCash
* There's also hourly events, designed around the after-school and after-homework hours

Lil'Kinz and Webkinz World Room My Room

* Every pet gets their own room in Webkinz World.
* Kids can decorate each room with colorful and fun furnishings from the W Shop.
* Earn more Kinzcash to add on more rooms and yards, so pets can play outdoors.
* Stoves and fridges work, so meals can be cooked and stored--even the plumbing works!
* Kids can set their imaginations free, and create crazy rooms for their favorite pets!

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